digital happiness.

Boerdam is embracing the new world.

digital happiness.

We make projects fly!

digital happiness.

Collect moments. Not things.

digital happiness.

It’s rocket science!

digital happiness. Voor ons betekent dat het bedenken, ontwerpen en ontwikkelen van ambitieuze, digitale concepten die de wereld een tikkeltje mooier maken.

This is our manifesto.

happiness is by choice.

You choose us, we choose you. We work together, build on trust!

only new ways open new doors.

We love to give up the good and go for the great.

our goal is making beautiful, useful and important stuff.

We work for the value of things, not the price. In the end we want to be happy!

we sell an experience.

Happiness is a way of travel…. You pay us for a journey to digital happiness, it’s a process (not a product).

we work agile.

Our projects grow while we are working on it. We can move forward without having it all figured out.

we work with common sense.

We wish it was more common.

waiting for a sign? this is it.

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